"It didn't seem to matter much to the crowd that had grown since Morgan first took the stage what he was playing as everyone in attendance was able to follow along, and several of them were mouthing the words to the songs that Morgan provided."

Mark Schafer - Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

"In talking with Brad you can tell he comes from the humble side. You can also tell he loves country music."

 Bill Brown-Glidden Graphic

“Through rain hail sleet or snow Brad Morgan does his show. Be strumming the string he sings and sings. He carries a tune that makes women swoon. Hits all the right notes with the songs that he wrote. Comes from a small town where words getting around. An emerging "star" whose gonna go far. -Craig Moeller 02/06/12”

Craig Moeller - Brad Morgan

"I felt honored on my end, because I was getting to record his music. When you listen to his voice you don't hear a young voice, you hear someone who has already lived a life." - Kristian Day (Iowa film maker and musician.)

Pam Kusel - Manning News Journal

"All of the songs are just incredible!" -Kristian Day (Iowa film maker and musician.) about the 'Guitar Man' album.

James Heggen - Daily Times Herald

"Seriously, he's stepped up. I give him a year and I will probably see him on TV."-Paul Glodek

Pam Kusel - Manning News Journal